Colorlinz is the 1st IOS App of mine.It was released and ready for sales in AppStore today.

I develop it based on an old Windows version, and it was my wife's favorite game. But we cannot take laptop with us at anytime. We have founded many different versions in AppStore,but none of them could moved us. So it is.

In this game there are blocks of different colors, and you have to move the blocks so that 5 or more blocks of the same color are connected in a straight line. That way they will be eliminated. The lines can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. After each move, 3 new blocks will be formed. you will lose the game if the whole board is filled with blocks. If you eliminated more then 5 blocks at once,you will get more scores,the rule is: Score = (total*2) + (total-5).

Any suggestions would be appreciated! I hope I could satisfy all of you.

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Have fun. Enjoy it.


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